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Landscaping Services
and Large Cactus Rental/Installations

Looking to add statement pieces of greens to your spaces that are easy to care for? Explore bespoke desert landscape with us!

Our landscaping services include:

  1. Initial exploration phase to discuss your requirements and preferences 

  2. Quotation

  3. Illustration of the proposal

  4. Sourcing and installation of plants along with other materials such as our own gritty  soil mix to enhance the longevity of the plants, gravels as the top layer, and other decorative materials such as boulders

  5. Care guidance and support 

  6. 1 month warranty period to cover the plants' acclimatization phase (1-for-1 exchange during the period if rotting occurs)

Our guarantee: Competitive plant pricing as it is directly from our Nursery

Image by Andreas Dress

Front Planters of Terrace House at Victoria Park

Our client loves cacti and succulents for their unique shapes and varying shades of greens along with pops of yellow.

Top planter box: cacti with the silhouette of waving arms to greet her family and guests when approaching the house. 

Bottom planter box: Dessertscape with more contrasting height variation to create visual depth. Guests would be greeted with a stunning visual treat right before entering the house!



Featuring our Head Green Artist, Rayne

Illustration used as proposal to client before installation

After 2 months

The desertscape was installed in late November and the plants had to endure the daily storm all through Singapore’s monsoon peak that is December!

On our visit in Mid January, all 26 but 1 cacti were healthy and made it through the acclimatisation period. The Cacti was replaced on the spot within an hour and the photo to the right is how the desertscape looked after 2 months!

The plants are now ready to thrive in this outdoor space for years to come with little to zero maintenance required!


Desertscape & Plant Styling at Martin Place Residence

Bespoke desert-scape designed to transform a small side balcony that greets the guests upon entering the space. Our team has also styled the other areas of the house with plants of varying sizes.

plant styling
desert plant landscaping

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