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Front Planters of Terrace House at Victoria Park

Our client loves cacti and succulents for their unique shapes and varying shades of greens along with pops of yellow. So when they decided to approach us for this project, we were more than excited to make this happen.

We noticed that the whites of their walls surrounding the planter boxes were white. White being a pure and universal color, would it made it easier for their new cacti and succulents to stand out, allowing us to design their planter boxes to hold cacti with more height.

Left: Our founder Rayne, taking a photo with the terrace planter boxes after the project is completed.

Above: 3D rendering of the bottom planter box

With this idea, we took advantage of this to bring a piece of the desert to our client by designing a beautiful desertscape filled with cacti of differing heights to allow for immense visual depth. The client selected the cacti from our large catalogue for the bottom planter box for their different visual forms and height, allowing for an interesting and beautiful look to it.

Above: 3D rendering of the top planter box.

The client also wanted their planter boxes to have more meaning, and being placed at their doorstep would mean that they would be the first thing to welcome visitors to their beautiful home. With this idea in mind, we suggested to the client to have a planter box filled with cacti that formed the silhouettes of waving arms in order to greet their family and guests when approaching the house, and they loved the idea! Thus the top planter box was created!

2 Months After Completion

The desertscape was installed in late November and the plants had to endure the daily storm all through Singapore’s monsoon peak that is December!

On our visit in Mid January, all 26 but 1 cacti were healthy and made it through the acclimatisation period. The Cacti was replaced on the spot within an hour and the photo to the right is how the desertscape looked after 2 months!

The plants are now ready to thrive in this outdoor space for years to come with little to zero maintenance required!

Right: A photo taken of the terrace planter boxes 2 months after completion. 

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