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We are here for all your cacti & succulent needs!

Blossom Succulent Arrangements

Rayne or Shine is a Cactus & Succulent Nursery + Studio headed by Green Artist, Rayne. What started from creating miniature Desertscape (desert landscape) arrangements and green art pieces from his bedroom has expanded over the past 2 years into a full service Nursery & Studio providing Landscaping Services & Educational/Recreational Workshops, catering to all Corporate/Events/Wedding needs. Our retail nursery houses a wide range of Desert Plants from tiny succulents to large cactus. 

Join us on the journey to #succulentify spaces! 

Our Services



We create large-scale desert landscape, large cactus rentals and installations both indoors and outdoors! Not only are they impactful visual pieces, they are also incredibly low maintenance. 


Outdoor landscape pieces are planted in our desert soil mix that are meant for the cactus and succulents to thrive rain or shine! 

Send us a text and we will discuss how we can transform your personal or commercial spaces! 

Corporate Workshops

Seeking team-bonding activities? We host terrarium workshops up to 100 pax at a go! Participants will get to choose from hundreds of succulents and create their very own succulent terrarium with lovely sand art and adorable decor pieces. 

Workshop can be held at our nursery or at your location of choice. Book now!


Wedding Favours,

Reception Table & 

Succulent Bar

Truly unique wedding favours, decors and activities to leave a lasting impression on your special day! 

Our wedding favours features individually potted succulents in gift-boxes and wedding tags! The eye-catching mix of succulents comes paired with an assortment of colourful clay pots to ensure that each guests goes home with their UNIQUE COMBO OF SUCCULENT PLANT + POT!


Added option to spruce it up with a SUCCULENT BAR where our Shine team will guide your guests in potting up their own door gift during pockets of waiting time at your wedding.

Complete the bundle with an option to have your RECEPTION TABLE DECORATED with our floral-themed succulent arrangements. 

Educational Tours @Nursery

Join our educational tour around our succulent nursery as we help curious minds understand the care needs of succulents and how they survive in harsh desert terrains. The hands-on sensory class will have participants go up close to the hundreds of succulent species and mix their own desert soil mix before potting their very first plant pet to begin their green journey! 


Got a black thumb?

Don’t worry, we got your back! We understand that most of our customers are new to houseplants or have had horrific experiences killing any plant their hands have ever touched. It has been an ongoing practice of ours to assist with any succulent queries and give out advice! Snap a picture of your plant babies and send them our way via our Instagram page! We will get back to you within the day and accompany you on your journey to be a proud plant parent. 

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