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Succulent Educational Tour 

Succulents and Cactus are widely regarded as beginner-friendly and low-maintenance plants. These adorable & colourful desert plants come in all shapes and propagate in many interesting ways.


Join our educational tour around our succulent nursery as we help curious minds understand the care needs of succulents and how they survive in harsh desert terrains.


The hands-on sensory class will have participants go up close to the hundreds of succulent species and mix their own desert soil mix before potting their very first plant pet to bring home! 💕

$12 per student. Minimum class size 20 pax. 
1.5 hours at Rayne or Shine Succulent Nursery


Educational Tour

Parent-child workshop at Shaws

What does it include?

Tour around

Jungle Nursery



What They Say

A really fun and enjoyable workshop! Rayne is such a cool sport and a really friendly instructor! Super helpful and attentive as we had a big group attending the workshop. There was also a wide variety of succulents and decorations for us to get creative with. The team is so happy and excited to take care of their terrariums, and overall will really recommend for corporate events or just anyone up for some fun :D

Sonya, 5/5

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