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  • Are they easy to care for?
    Succulents are very low-maintenance plants, requiring only weekly or fortnightly watering! Place them in a sunny spot or near your window at home and watch them live out a beautiful life for months and years. It doesn't take much for some of them to bloom flowers too.
  • Does Rayne or Shine do giftings and deliveries?
    Yes, kindly indicate if your order is meant to be a gift and leave a note you'd like to be attached to your order when delivered. Our delivery covers islandwide and direct to your recipient's doorstep!
  • How long do the plants last?
    They are very easy to care for. Please be careful not to overwater them as it is the fastest way to kill these desert plants! Generally they can last for 3-5 years and even longer if you were to propagate them.
  • It's my first time caring for a plant, will there be any care guides?"
    Each order will come with a care card! Do follow the simple instructions to care for them. Additionally, our Instagram Direct Message is open throughout the week. Send us a message there with an accompanying picture of your plants and we will be glad to share advices and diagnosis for your plants.
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