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Corporate Gifting

Rayne or Shine is here for all your bulk gifting needs. Be it for personal or corporate purposes, curate unique succulent gifts with us now! 

  • Party door gifts for events such as birthdays and festive gatherings

  • Internal corporate events for the festivities, annual dinner & dance

  • Staff appreciation gifts 

  • Door gift for external corporate events

Succulent gifts

Pot option A: colourful round plastic pots

Lightweight and shatterproof pot option that fits nicely in a gift box. Each pot comes with a detachable base cap to catch water draining from the pot!

Potted succulent gifts

Pot option B: variety mix of ceramic pots 

Our small ceramic pots come in a good variety of different shapes, colours and glaze textures. Ceramic is an ideal pot material for desert plants due to its porous nature. Each pot comes with a pot hole at the bottom for excess water drainage.

Succulent giftboxes

Festive Gifting

Each of the gift boxes comes with a round care tag customisable to suit your gifting occasion. Choose any colour or a combination of more than one choice! (Subject to availability of stocks)

Succulent giftboxes

Feature: craft box with custom gift tag

Feel free to work with us on adding a custom gift tag of your preference! Opt to source for your own printing vendor or have us handle it for you at a fee. 

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