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Events & Plant

Events Plant Rentals

& Landscaping Installations

Looking to own some plants for your events for the short-term? At Rayne or Shine, we provide plant rentals services to our clients, landscaping the event venue to your preferred aesthetics. Our botanical creations and events landscaping skills allow us to gauge your aesthetic needs, and we are able to work with plants of all sizes, from large potted plants to full landscapes botanical installations.

You have full control of the design and plants provided for the event, allowing for us to provide a very personalised design to match any amount of space available.

Contact us to take control of your campaign's aesthetics today!

Clarks X Drea Spring/Summer 2023

Plant rental & styling at Clarks's latest retail store in Singapore  for the official launch of a new footwear collection in collaboration with Andrea Chong

cactus succulent plant rental
cactus succulent plant styling rental
cactus succulent plant rental

Our plant rental services include:

Complimentary consultation session* for us to know your needs.

A project quotation

Delivery and collection of  plants

Creation and planting of installation with chosen plants and in-house soil mix.


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