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Mother's Day Cake Bundle

Mother's Day Cake Bundle



Our best-selling floral-themed arrangement, 'Blossom' in Globe Pot bundled with a Succulent Cake design inspired by our signature "Blossom' arrangement! Yummy buttercream cake crafted by Blush Artisan Cakes. 

Our 'Blossom' arrangement is inspired by flower festivals in Europe and Cherry Blossoms. 

This bundle is a beautiful choice of gift for Mother's Day! The perpetually 'blossoming' arrangement will be here to stay and grow after the celebration, while everyone in the family gets to enjoy a yummy treat on this special occasion! 

Buttercream cake size is 4" - perfect for 2/4 pax! Packed in a clear transparent cake box Flavour: Decadent chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache filling

Care Instructions:

  • Water directly onto the soil every 1-2 weeks or whenever the soil is dry
  • Bright direct/indirect sunlight, or artificial lighting throughout daytime



Diameter of Pot: 13cm


Height with Plants: 20cm


*Each bowl is unique and may not appear exactly as pictured as they are all hand-arranged. Occasionally, certain out-of-stock plants will be replaced with others but rest assured that they will fit the theme.

Limited pieces available! 

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