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Clarks’ Collab with Drea Chong’s Desert Shoe Line Launch

To celebrate the collaboration of British shoe brand, Clarks' collaboration with fashion designer Drea Chong, we were invited to do up installations to celebrate the occasion.

For this collaboration, the focus was on Drea, who designed an amazing line of desert shoes, so we just knew that we had to up our game as well, and that is why to fit in with the theme, we challenged ourselves to create a beautiful desertscape for a few Clarks stores, mainly at Suntec City, but with other locations at Vivocity, iON Orchard and Marine Parade.

Clarks x Drea Chong at Suntec City

The Suntec City store was designed with a variety of tall and short desert plants. We used taller plants for this store to give the main installation height and a little bit of volume, just enough to allow Drea's shoes to stand out and not stand out too much, but yet at the same time looking stunning as an entire display piece.

Right: Part of the large installation put up at Clarks' Suntec City store.

Above: More cacti and other desert plants at Clarks' Suntec City store

Clarks x Drea Chong at iON Orchard

The installation at iON Orchard was also special in a sense that the shoes were placed on top of a glass casing, with a desertscape below it. While setting this up wasn't easy, it is definitely a project we are proud of!

Clarks x Drea Chong at Vivocity

The installation at Vivocity is special to us because we tried something simpler, allowing our plants and installation to stand out just purely off lighting. The darker lighting of the store did produce a stunning visual effect for those walking in.

Clarks x Drea Chong at Marine Parade

Lastly, the installation at marine parade was special to us in a sense that with the wooden background provided, we have planted this gem of a desert plant that we thought would be more than perfect in a small and minimalistic desertscape like this. Not too crammed, but just tall enough to allow Drea's shoes to stand out at that store.

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