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Oasis in Glass Globe

Oasis in Glass Globe



Introducing the latest bowl: OASIS.

Inspired by the idyllic oases found in deserts, the newest addition to the Rayne or Shine family hopes to evoke feelings of tranquility and calmness. Just like a desert oasis, the bowl teems with life through our specially curated plethora of lush succulents. Spot our center piece - the Mother of Millions that resembles a towering palm tree!

OASIS is arranged with mostly Haworthias, Gasterias & Sansevierias that can tolerate low light conditions, which make them the perfect office piece! The best plant pet for the desks further from natural sunlight sources 💕

Like it’s namesake that provides respite and revitalization to those who need it, we hope that the OASIS bowl will be your source of comfort amidst these crazy, tumultuous world we live in. DM us now to make a purchase, or enquire more.

Watering is only once a week.

Dimensions (Including Plant):

Standard - 15cm Width, 25cm Height

Special - 18cm Width, 32cm Height

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