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Succulent Bouquet

Succulent Bouquet


A bouquet that stands the test of time. Unlike traditional cut flower bouquets that would eventually wither within a few days, our succulents can be removed from the bouquet and be grown for years to come with proper care. The remaining bouquet of dried preserved flowers can last for up to a year in fairly good condition. 


Your gift recipient can enjoy the beauty of your gift and witness the growth of the succulent centerpiece for a long time. This also serves as a lasting reminder of your thoughtful gift! 

Why Succulents? 
Succulents are widely known as symbols of tenacity, strength, and resilience. As a gift, they convey a meaningful message of support, encouragement, and admiration.

Succulents' low maintenance care requirements make it suitable for any gift recipient, even those without a green thumb. Hence, making them incredibly versatile as a gift for many different occasions - birthdays, graduation, anniversary, and many more!


Succulents also come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures, making each bouquet a truly unique gift that sparks conversation. 



Preserving special moments? No. Let’s grow them! Remove the succulents from our wiring and plant them in the soil. Water once every 2 weeks and watch your love grow for years.


*Even without planting the succulents, the bouquet itself lasts up to a month with the accompanying dried flowers lasting a year.

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