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Winter in Round Ceramic Pot

Winter in Round Ceramic Pot



Fluffy white cacti and succulents in this snowcapped desert-inspired landscape! Did you know that it snows too in the desert? Check out the snow-covered cacti landscape during winter seasons in the Sonoran Desert! 😍

Our snowcapped dessert-inspired arrangement comes in our standard Round Ceramic Pot. These pots come with a wooden base tray too!

Care Instructions:

Water directly onto the soil every 1-2 weeks or whenever the soil is dry

Bright direct/indirect sunlight, or artificial lighting throughout daytime



Diameter of Pot: 16cm


Height of Pot with Base Tray: 7.5cm

Height with Plants: 18cm


*Each bowl is unique and may not appear exactly as pictured as they are all hand-arranged. Occasionally, certain out-of-stock plants will be replaced with others but rest assured that they will fit the theme.

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