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Bespoke Desertscape & Plant Styling at Martin Place Residence

Updated: Feb 8

Above: The balcony which is designed and scaped by our team.

This was a special project for us because of its uniqueness. On our first site visit, we were quite surprised at the small space we had to work with in the balcony. Nevertheless we came up with a creative way to still decorate it despite the availability of space.

Our client requested to have a wide variety of cacti and succulents in the balcony and by exploring our large catalogue, they selected a wide variety of the most beautiful plants.

On the day of installation, we layered the balcony floor with white pebbles for a uniform and clean look that complimented their new plants. We landscaped the plants in the balcony with the goal of their guests being greeted by a slice of nature upon entry.

Above: A desert plant next to an armchair in the client's home.

Additionally, the client also selected some extra plants to be kept in different spaces of their home. With these extra plants, their indoor space was also transformed into an aesthetically pleasing and therapeutic space.

We are very proud to have transformed this client's home into one that is very much integrated with nature itself.

Take a tour of their new balcony!

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